North East Seattle Math Circle

 2021-2022  Virtual Math Circle  Are you hungry for more math?  The  2021-22 NE Seattle Virtual Math Circle is starting up. We're looking for middle schoolers  (6th-86h grade) who enjoy puzzles, challenge problems and spending an hour after school with others who share their passion. We will be exploring a variety of topics such as geometry, number number theory and combinatorics.  Format: We will be meeting for an hour once a week online throughout the school year. As in previous years my goal is  to keep the size around 15-25 students Background: typically we've had a mix of kids who are currently taking anything from Math 7 to Geometry. A strong grasp of pre-algebra is needed and the willingness to ask questions when we talk about topics. Schedule:  TBD based on survey responses. Most likely it will be late afternoon or early evening.  Cost: 55$ Email List:    - Ask to join  For more information email the group or myself di